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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

March 7, 2014

Not all Android phones with a microUSB charger socket can do it. And if you’re a Dropbox or Box user (or a user of any of the other myriad Cloud storage services) you may not even need it. But it’s a handy get-you-home, quick-and-dirty solution to data transfer, particularly if you’re not Internet connected at the time.

I’m talking about Android On-The-Go, or OTG as we’ve taken to calling it. This treats any USB flash drive connected to your Android phone’s microUSB socket as an external drive, enabling you to shift data in and out of the phone with the same sort of ease as copying data on your conventional computer.

The immediate challenge is that USB flash drives don’t come with microUSB plugs. The solution I’ve been using for the past three years is a short adaptor cable: USB type A socket at one end, microUSB plug at the other. I’ve seen branded versions of these advertised for eight quid, but I picked up mine on eBay for 99p including p&p. With this and an appropriate OTG-enabled phone like my Galaxy Note 3 I can view or copy the data from, typically, the sort of USB flash drives that are handed out after press events, allowing me use my phone to revisit a presentation or set of product spec sheets while travelling home on the Tube.

Kingston’s take on OTG is a little different from this. It’s a USB flash drive no bigger than the tiny nano flash drives that stick out less than half an inch from a conventional USB type A socket. But the small plastic case that you would expect to be housing the flash memory is actually a hingeable cover over a second connector – a microUSB plug.


This cunning design allows me to plug the device into, say, my MacBook Air’s USB 2 port, copy data off my SSD into it, unplug it, open up the hinge to reveal the microUSB plug and with that do the full OTG thing with my phone.


Kingston sells these MicroDuo devices with capacities up to 64GB. Mine’s the 16GB version, which you can pick up on Amazon for around £8. Now all I’ve got to figure out is how to make sure I don’t lose this handy little device.